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Big News!  We're Forming A New Division!

Our fifty years in business have taught us many things but the number one thing that it has taught us is to be flexible in the face of change.  In fact, one of the major reasons for our continued success is this concept has been central to our longevity.  Recognizing market trends and adapting to changing realities has allowed us to evolve over the years from a supplier of paint spray equipment and supplies to a key provider to the printing industry. With this focus on constant evolution and improvement and as a member of the Better Business Bureau and the NPES (The association for suppliers of printing, publishing & converting technologies) we are fortunate to be on the forefront of changes both on the printing front but also in manufacturing as well. The convergence of manufacturing & 3D printing is a trend we've been anticipating for some time.

With this in mind we are proud to announce our appointment as a distribution partner for 3D-FUEL, LLC!  

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3D Fuel was created to provide the finest quality, most consistent 3D printing materials available. This includes ABS & PLA Filaments as well as new previously unknown exotic filaments and other products that will enable 3D printers to produce top quality results everytime.  Exceptional quality and innovation are the hallmark of a world class manufacturer and 3D Fuel is leading the emerging 3D printing marketplace with manufacturing standards that until now have been impossible to achieve. They newly designed & upgraded production lines routinely deliver tolerances better than 20 microns and the research & development dedication is paying off handsomely!

  3D Fuel Black PLA Filament

In a joint venture initiated in April of 2015, 3D Fuel has teamed with Algix to introduce the worlds first Algae based exotic filament that is biodegradable, sustainable and renewable as well as a net carbon dioxide reducer in its natural state!  The product actually delivers a hybrid of benefits such as the finish of PLA combined with the strength associated with ABS. The algae harvesting processes are a net gain in both feed stocks of high quality, high protein food as well as clean water for the local populations where we source our raw materials.  We currently process algae in the southeastern United States as well as Jamaica & select other countries enabling the development of a sustainable, renewable resource for the continued growth & support of the business and communities in which we operate.

Considering the fact that billions of pounds of plastics are, at this very moment, circling the globe in our oceans this is a practical, real world solution to a genuine problem and one that demands our action.  PLA Filaments that are combined with Algae are more environmentally safe than standard PLA alone

The T-Rex skull in the image to the right is the result of a 3D print job using the 3D-Fuel Solaplast®/PLA filament product. The Solaplast®/PLA filament product will be available by June 2015 at a surprisingly affordable price!

For more information, pricing or to order some 3D Fuel PLA filament to fuel your creativity click T-Rex!


  Solaplast® 3D Printing Filament


Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull printed from Solaplast® 3D Printing Filament