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Distributor of Spray Guns & Finishing Sealers from Binks

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We are a key national distributor of material dispensing systems at Air Flo Equipment, operating from our Chicago office for close to 50 years. We are proud to partner with DeVilbiss / Binks to provide state-of-the-art spray guns, finishing outfits, and sealers to our valued customers. For example, Binks’ wood staining spray guns are well known for achieving optimal results in all spray-staining applications. These spray guns are available in many different styles, including conventional siphon, conventional pressure, and several different types of HVLP feeds. We offer stain finishing outfits that provide maximum up-time and minimum maintenance, featuring aluminum cups or zinc-plated pressure tanks for conventional outfits. Binks’ line of smart sealers represents decades of advancements for the most cost efficient and highest quality wood finishing. In addition to siphon, pressure, and HVLP feeds, smart sealers are available in an air assist airless gun as well.

To learn more about the quality DeVilbiss / Binks finishing products available from Air Flo, please contact us directly.

Product Line Details offered from Binks

Wood Staining Spray Guns


  • Achieve optimum results in all spray-staining applications
  • Available in many different styles, including:
  • Binks conventional siphon-feed binks 2100 66SS x 66 SD Gun with 1 qt cup
  • Binks conventional pressure-feed binks 2100 63BSS x 63PB Gun
  • Binks HVLP: siphon-feed/pressure-feed/gravity-feed Mach 194 x 94p Gun
Stain Finishing Outfits


  • Products provide maximum up-time and minimum maintenance
  • All 2-quart product varieties feature 6 ft hoses and tank/pump outfits include 25 ft hoses
  • Available in many different styles, including:
  • Binks Conventional outfits with aluminum cup or zinc-plated pressure tank
Smart Sealers


  • Decades of research, testing, and engineering advancements have gone into our cost-efficient and top quality wood finishing
  • Available in many styles, including:
  • Binks 2100 66SS x 66SD gun conventional siphon-feed with 1 quart cup
  • Binks 2100 63BSS x 63PB gun conventional pressure-feed
  • Binks HVLP Siphon-Feed Mach 1 94 x 94P gun
  • Air Assist Airless Binks AA 4400M gun (less tip)

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