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Distributor of Biobased Cleaning Products

With nearly 50 years in the business, Air Flo Spray Equipment has become well known as a provider of top quality material dispensing equipment, but our capabilities cover more than that. We provide cutting-edge cleaners, including Hero™ biobased cleaning products. Air Flo offers top quality cleaners, degreasers, and solvents that are customized for industry and commercial facilities. All of our products are fabricated from 100% plant-based, USA grown renewable resources. Biobased cleaners work quickly and safely. They remove oil and grease with no greasy after feel, providing a corrosion resistant barrier. Hero™ products feature low total cost for high cleaning power, providing safety, ease-of-use, and outstanding cleaning abilities. As a biodegradable product, disposal is easy, and Hero™ biobased products exceed mandated USDA biopreferred specifications. Our products make it simple for companies to choose a green alternative.

To learn more about our high quality biobased cleaning solutions, please contact us directly.

Details of Biobased Cleaning Products offered by Air Flo Equipment

PDFHero™ Biobased Cleaning Products – Click Here For More Information(PDF - 229KB)

Hero™ Biobased Cleaning Products - top quality cleaners, degreasers, and solvents customized for industry and commercial facilities from 100% plant-based, USA grown renewable sources.

  • CLEANS & PROTECTS: Cleans fast and safe. Removes oil and grease and leaves a corrosion resistant barrier. Non-oily, bio-solvent leaves no greasy after feel
  • LOWEST TOTAL COST FOR HIGHEST CLEANING POWER: Hero’s safety, ease of use and outstanding cleaning abilities mean low cost Cleaning. Concentrated “One and Done” single pass cleaning saves labor and time
  • NON-POLLUTING: VOC exempt, no VOC emissions, does not contribute to inhalant risk, helps to meet clean air goals
  • BIODEGRADABLE MAKES DISPOSAL EASIER: When ready to change, Hero’s readily biodegradable rating simplifies disposal
  • Hero™ is non-toxic, not a skin irritant, 72% BIOBASED and READILY BIODEGRADABLE
  • Hero™ exceeds the mandated USDA BIOPREFERRED biobased specifications
  • Hero™ is the “PERFECT GREEN SOLUTION”. Its unique formulation is produced from “UPCYCLED” post consumer vegetable oil. Where some see a waste, we see a quality product. It is easy to be GREEN with Hero™.

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