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Distributor of Loading & Coupling Systems from OPW Engineered Systems


At Air Flo Spray Equipment, we have specialized in providing hydraulics and fluid control equipment for 50 years. We distribute products to our customers in the midwest and nationwide from top manufacturers such as OPW Engineered Systems.

As you can probably imagine there are numerous challenges in the effective handling of hazardous & difficult fluids and these challenges occur everyday: things like spills, wasted product, environmental damage and of course hazards to the personnel that are responsible for the product transfer or delivery. You have probably experienced these types of problems in the past and will most likely experience them in the future if you handle fluids for a living.

There is a better way! 

For example...

A comprehensive line of dry disconnects is available from OPW, including the Kamvalok® which is designed to automatically shut off during accidental disconnection. Also available is the Drylok™ disconnect, one of the driest disconnects in the industry that also maintains a rugged design for tough loading situations. A wide variety of fabricated and cast ball bearing swivel joints are also available, featuring tight seals, true ball bearing race alignment, protected bearing chambers, and more. OPW Engineered Systems also features precision machined components and assemblies that include high quality loading systems, process products, and accessories.

Below you'll find a video for the repair of the popular Kamvaloc line of dry break connectors.  


For more information about the loading & coupling products available from OPW, please contact us directly.

Details of product lines from OPW Engineered Systems offered by Air Flo Spray Equipment

Dry Disconnects and Quick Disconnect FittingsPDF Dry Disconnects and Quick Disconnect Fittings – Click Here For More Information (PDF - 1.60MB)


  • Able to auto shut off with accidental disconnects
  • Exceeds OSHA, EPA standards
  • Creates a safer work environment
  • Excellent for hazardous liquids
  • Reduces emissions and discharge
  • Supports pressures past 450 psi
Loading SystemsPDF Loading Systems – Click Here For More Information (PDF - 1.60MB)


  • 150, 350, 600, and 1350 GPM
  • Emission reducing
  • High-level shutoff to prevent overfill
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum construction
  • Bottom loading design
  • Targeted at petroleum products, chemicals, and liquid gasses
Process Products and AccessoriesPDF Process Products and Accessories – Click Here For More Information (PDF - 1.60MB)


  • Sight-flow indicators provide reliable fluid monitoring
  • Compatible with caustic and safe fluids
  • Isolation gages provide most precise readings possible
  • No-leak guarantee
  • Sanitary valves allow flow control in food industry
  • Electric actuation for precise flow control
Swivel jointsPDF Swivel joints – Click Here For More Information (PDF - 1.60MB)


  • Tight seals with minimal wear characteristics
  • True ball bearing race alignment
  • Protected and sealed bearing chamber
  • Long-life bearings of precision ground steel
  • Easy lubrication
  • No adjustment necessary