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It's been fifty years, come celebrate with us!!  

With fluid dispensing equipment expertise that stretches across many industries, and a tradition of excellence dating back to 1965 Air Flo Spray Equipment is proud to supply products from top manufacturers. This includes Graco’s entire line of fluid management & equipment systems.  If you have a tough fluid control problem we can help. We specialize in fluid handing ideas that DO work!


Graco is recognized the world over for their engineering expertise & quality standards.  They have decades of experience in solving tough fluid transfer application problems and, as a frontline distribution outlet for Graco for fifty years, we have partnered on numerous projects resulting in strengths that are unmatched in our marketplace. 

One such area in which we excel is precision dispensing applications.  Graco's PCF systems are the next generation of single component, continuous flow metering & dispensing. 

The PCF metering systems dispense a continous, precise flow of sealants, mastics or adhesives suitable for many applications such as automotive, industrial or precision manufacturing.  This advanced technology enables ultimate control which produces smooth and consistent dots, beads and spray patterns. This results in minimized material usage, reduced rework and rejections and operational efficiency improvements.  No more wasted product, quality problems & production line bottlenecks. 


The PCF system ensures consistant and continous material flow through closed loop technology.  It monitors feedback from the fluid stream automatically adjusting for changes in viscosity, temperature, dispense rates or robot speeds.  Real time adjustment means that PCF delivers extremely precise and continous dispensing. 

Another area of expertise for us is the process equipment category which is one of the largest application fields in fluid transfer technology.  If you use a fluid in the process of producing your product or service the task of developing the optimum processing methodology can be a time consuming and difficult but the importance of this effort is critical to the overall profitability of the company so it is important to select the proper, technically suitable equipment to ensure the optimal performance of the process. Graco's process equipment line is world class in design and execution plus the quality level is legendary.

Our solutions for Graco automatic lubrication systems are also very effective.  We carry solutions for small spaces, including their economical single line resistive orifice systems. Designed for oil only, these systems are easy to install and operate, with a wide range of metering and connection options. With only a few basic components required for a complete system, resistive orifice solutions keep our clients within their budgets. For machinery that can handle a full range of oils and greases, we offer Graco’s series progressive dispensing equipment. Ideal for machining centers, punch presses and forming presses, these systems offer highly advanced and precise monitoring. They are also highly customizable, with many pump choices and multiple zoning options. 

To learn more about the quality fluid control & management systems available from Graco, please contact us directly. Learn why we say that we specialize in fluid handling ideas that DO work!

Details of product lines offered from Graco Products

PDF Graco PCF Metering System – Click Here For More Information (PDF - 1MB)

  • Reasonable Capital Investment
  • Simplifies maintenance resulting In fewer worn parts compared to shot meters.
  • Provides consistent, continuous flow eliminating expensive & complicated mechanical systems or shot meter refill time.
  • Equipped with self diagnostics which enables predictive & preventative maintenance strategies which results in improved process availabilities.
  • Support & programming capability for up to 16 different applicators.

PDF Graco Industrial Lubrication Equipment – Click Here For More Information (PDF - 1.40MB)

  • Bulk oil and grease transfer, evacuation
  • Solutions for fixed and mobile applications
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduced cost vs. other solutions
  • Long-life lubrication
  • Improved workflow and tool placement

PDF Graco Process Equipment Brochure – Click Here For More Information (PDF - 1.9 MB)

  • 55 gallon/200 liter drum transfer & supply systems
  • Bulk tank supply & evacuation
  • Maintenance & production cleaning
  • Paints, stains, coating, inks, dyes, acids, corrosive fluids, abrasive fluids, soaps, detergents, solvents & more...
  • Husky pumps, peristaltic hose pumps, NXT technology

PDF Graco ILE Buyer’s Guide – Click Here For More Information (PDF - 3.22MB)

  • Electric Pumps - Modular system design allows confi gurations to work in all applications
  • Injecto-Flo 2 - Built–in vent valve gets you up and working with piston distributors fast–no kits to purchase and assemble
  • Pneumatic Pumps - Ability to serve large systems up to 100 lube points or more
  • Mechanical Pumps - RMLS Pumps are equipped with a cam roller for cam or stop actuation
  • Mechanical Pumps - EMLS-5 Pump is furnished with a drive arm with adjustable clevis position for powering the pump via a connecting rod from an eccentric pin in the end of a rotating shaft or other back-and-forth movement

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