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Things spill.  It’s a fact of life.  If it can pour…it can spill. Even if it can’t pour it can still spill. Depending on the fluid it might even be a deadly situation!  Spills are wasteful.  They cost money... your money.  Depending on the spill the costs can add up.  You’ve got the costs of cleaning up the spill. You have the cost of the wasted, spilled product and you may also have environmental impact costs or regulatory fees associated with the occurrences…it could get expensive!

What if that thing costs $187 a gallon?  Do you think someone might be disappointed in that result?  You bet!

Manufacturing processes continue to evolve and stretch to the breaking limit the capabilities of technologies like fluid transfer pumps.  Oftentimes thick, viscous products like thermal mastics and liquid-applied sound deadeners pose a serious challenge to operations by their handling characteristics and traditional methods of handling these products leave much to be desired. 

Some stuff is just hard to handle!  Some products are sensitive to pressure. Some are sensitive to shearing.  Some are sensitive to light.  Some products are more prone to develop bacterial or other microbial problems with storage.  Some can settle, separate or ‘pack out’ over time.  Then there are the products that are just very thick.  Like peanut butter on steroids!  The sheer force required pushing a thick, heavy paste through a pump is very substantial.  This type of power does not come cheap. Plus, the costs

So the challenge remains; how to effectively and profitably handle heavy, viscous, pasty products used in production and manufacturing & other processes?   It is likely that the need to profitably handle difficult fluids will continue to grow as time passes, technologies improve and materials develop.               


The PERFECTFLOW® is the only fluid transfer technology that is sealed, refillable, durable, and recyclable plus can be self-powered and that, amazingly, HAS NO MOVING PARTS! 

Typical fluid containers cannot compete because this technology is: 


The PERFECTFLOW® technology is sealed which means that it is a closed system.  This has clear benefits to industries such as cosmetics, pharma & food service as the sealed nature of the technology prevents contamination and/or restricts microbial growth or pathogen introduction.


The PERFECTFLOW® technology is refillable due to unique nature of the design. This translates into an eco-friendly package form that reduces solid waste generation. 


The PERFECTFLOW® technology is certified under ASME, DOT, or other relevant governmental regulations and is built to exacting standards.


The PERFECTFLOW® technology can be manufactured from a range of materials of construction raising its sustainability factor and its useful life.


The PERFECTFLOW® technology can operate as a self-powered pump. This benefit is significant when in use in remote locations where there may be no access to power.

No Moving Parts:

The PERFECTFLOW® technology has no connecting, priming or piston rods nor any lobes, gears or other parts typically found in traditional fluid transfer equipment.  This is the definition of reliability. With no priming required the systems can dispense fluids at virtually any speed; from very slow to speeds exceeding 250 Gallons Per Minute.  Since it has no moving parts it dispenses in a continuous, non-pulsating stream which is advantageous when precision is required.

Flexible and Scalable:

The PERFECTFLOW® technology is also fully scalable with capacities ranging in size from 3 ml up to 12,000 gallons and more! The size and shape of the dispenser can be applied to meet virtually any requirement of your industry. Depending upon your preference, the technology systems can dispense your fluids from either the top or the bottom of the container.

Return on Investment:

The PERFECTFLOW® technology can increase net income up to 19% with a return on investment up to 47% and in combination with bulk fluid storage can increase net income up to 23% with a return on investment up to 86%. 

One area in which we feel the PERFECTFLOW® technology will excel in coming years is in the retail space delivering fluids more efficiently.  Methods for refilling consumer products like hand lotion and laundry detergent leave much to be desired.  Most products are sold in bulk containers and it’s the responsibility of the individual to refill their packaging.  As you can imagine this produces varying degrees of success and efficiency.

The PERFECTFLOW® aims to change how this marketplace is served and in the process create a seachange environmentally by reducing solid waste generation in municipalities of all sizes.  This is a benefit to the entire planet and heralds the coming of retail automation as a natural extension of our shopping habits.

Below you’ll find a brief three and one half minute video explaining the concept and the benefits of the PERFECTFLOW® refill marketing concept.  If you're responsible for promoting your brand, looking for a viable method for reducing solid wast or would like more information on the refill marketing concept please contact us today or fill out the form below and we'll help you change the game in your favor!



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