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Polymer lubricants can save you time, money & extend equipment life

Regular lubrication is required to maintain optimal performance in equipment & machinery yet serious lubrication problems are widespread.  The results driven solution to this lubrication problem epidemic are polymer infused lubricants and a systematic approach to the maintenance program.

Typically petroleum lubricant formulations contain forty to sixty carbon atoms. Polymer infusion bumps this carbon profile up to 400 to 4000 atoms which creates a stronger, longer chain of atoms.  This longer chain produces many benefits that standard petroleum lubricants cannot provide not the least of which is the ability to reduce or completely stop leaks, even around worn seals which extends the greasing/lubricating cycle.

Due to this long chain we see robust useful life of between 3 to 5 times that of typical conventional lubricants plus a considerable reduction in friction and heat. This reduction of friction plays out in another way as well; reducing the energy required to operate the machinery or equipment. We have seen a reduction of up to 15% in running amperage in some cases!

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It’s clear that the use of polymer lubricants produces real life benefits like extending the lifespan of machinery and equipment and the related costs to operate and maintain it all while reducing the overall total spend for lubricant purchases annually and that might actually be something to write home about.

MPG (Multi-Purpose Grease)

Ideal for use in a wide variety of applications where water resistance is important, MPG-2 is polymer-fortified grease formulated for use in a large range of industrial applications. MPG-2 is produced using a unique calcium complex thickening process and a special blend of highly refined base oils to deliver superior protection in challenging applications. MPG-2 achieves high temperature stability and very good water resistance. The high molecular weight polymers provide a protective film between metal surfaces that is difficult to remove. MPG-2 also protects against extreme pressure.

ACF (Aluminum Complex: Food)

Our aluminum complex food grade grease is a substantial improvement over organic and synthetic product that has a tendency to wash out of bearings under high heat & pressure washing processes. Obviously this poses a problem in food processing plants as cleanliness is of paramount importance.  How to meet the FDA & USDA mandates for cleanliness and still keeps the equipment running smoothly?  Our ACF food grade grease has a high dropping point of 500° F which address the high heat aspect of the washing process but also the polymers infused in the grease actually have a high affinity to metal which enables them to cling to bearings more readily and resist washout.

  Automatic Lubrication Systems

Stop management by crisis! Get a handle on your lube problems by making a commitment to solve them permanently.  Email or call us today for a comprehensive evaluation of your lubricant & lubrication processes and stop saying, “What! Another Bearing Change?”

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