Fluid Transfer Equipment For
Lubricants, Mastics, Sealants                                  
Adhesives, Inks & More

located in Downers Grove, IL

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Heavy-Duty Pumping & Fluid Transfer Systems
  • Lincoln industrial pumping equipment
  • Perfectflow®: Clean, Fast, Self-powered, Low-Residual
  • High Performance Air-Powered Double Diaphragm
  • Drum Pumps
  • Air-Powered Double Diaphragm Industrial Pumps
Lubrication Systems
  • Graco Automatic Lubrication Systems
  • G3™ Electric Lubrication Pump
  • Fluid Commander Electronic Fluid Management System
  • EOS Chain Oil System for Industrial Applications
  • PowerLuber® Grease guns
  • Heavy-Duty Lubrication Pumps
  • Lubrication equipment, hand-held lubrication tools and accessories
Printing Ink Delivery & Control Systems
  • Pump Slide
  • Fine Finish Solutions
  • Lincoln Industrial Pumping Equipment
  • Ink Pro 80 Printing Ink Supply Pump
  • InkPRO 140 Printing Ink Supply Pump
Industrial Finishing Equipment
  • Professional Wood Finisher’s Equipment
  • 2100 Spray Gun
  • Spray Vantage Pro Series
  • Industrial Finishing Equipment Accessories
  • Wood Staining Spray Guns
  • Stain Finishing Outfits
  • Smart Sealers
  • Finish Pro Sprayers
Automatic Ink Levelers & Metering Equipment
  • The Eagle Auto Ink Leveler
  • Air Flo’s Falcon Ink Meters
  • AF-2000 Pump Fault Alarm
  • Metering Solutions
Solvent Systems (SSI)
  • Hero Biobased Ultra-Solve Cleaner Degreaser
  • Hero Biobased Penetrating Lubricant
  • Hero Bio-based Multi-purpose Cleaner